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Explore the world by climbing, jumping and using the magnetic multi-tool to interact with Sky Climbers technology.

Video Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Moving Around[edit | edit source]

There are two options of movement when you start the game. You can teleport around by clicking the right trackpad and pointing to where they want to go. The other option is to move your hands up and down like you would running.

Climbing[edit | edit source]

Grip any surface with a stable point and start climbing. See Video Tutorial

Jumping[edit | edit source]

Using one of your controllers, press the grip buttons and a blue cylinder will appear. This is like a climbing surface and you can fling yourself. See Flinging

Flinging[edit | edit source]

Touch any surface with a stable point and look where you want to fling yourself to. Flick your arm and let go on the last moment. See Video Tutorial

Paragliding[edit | edit source]

To start the paraglider, have both hands above your head and press one of the triggers once. Then once you open it, move your hands forward to move forward faster, then to the left to move left, right to move right. Moving both hands back will slow down your paraglider instead of moving back.

Bow and Arrow[edit | edit source]

Press the grip button while having you controller behind your back. This will grip the bow in your .and Then with the other controller grip behind you and you will hold onto an arrow. While gripping the arrow, bring the end of it to the bow string and pull back. When you pulled it as far back as you want, you can release the grip button and it will release the arrow.

Animal Riding[edit | edit source]

Approach the animal you want to ride and press the trigger button. To move, use the left track pad to move in that direction as well as how fast you move by how close to the edge of the track pad.

Hookshot[edit | edit source]

Equip the Hookshot by accessing your inventory, pulling the trigger button on the multitool, and gripping it. Find a floating white box and then press the trigger button to fly to its location. See magnetic multi-tool

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